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  • America, the Golden Cup

    “America, the Golden Cup”

    Jeremiah 50,51; Revelation 18,19

    Pastor James Clidence, Freedom Baptist Church


    Those who make peaceful resolution impossible, make violent resolution inevitable – John F. Kennedy

    I wish that all Americans would realize that American politics is world policies – Theodore Roosevelt

    NATO was originally established “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down” -Lord Ismay, the first NATO Secretary General

    Disclaimer: Some people think the “Great Babylon” in Jeremiah and Revelation is either Rome (Vatican) or Iraq (where the original Babylon was). I do not believe that is the case, and I will show you why.  I want to preface this lesson with that this is my opinion that it is America. I am not Jeremiah or John, I have not seen the future.

    I. Description of this Nation

    A. This nation is called “the hammer of the whole earth” – Jeremiah 50:23          

                -according to all sources, America is the most powerful country in the world[i

    B. his Nation was a “golden cup in the Lords hand” – Jeremiah 51:7

    C.Nation dwells upon many waters – Jeremiah 51:13

                -Pacific, Atlantic Oceans, Gulf of Mexico

    D. Nation used by God for mighty things – Jeremiah 51:7

    -though America is in spiritual decline (apostasy), it continues to be led and based by Christian principles. From swearing in on the Word of God to prayer in Congress before opening sessions. We are considered a protector of Israel. [ii]

    E. This Nation has a mother Nation – Jeremiah 50:12 (England)[iii]

    F. Economic Power house of production – Revelation 18:11-16

                -nation exports 1.239 Trillion Dollars of goods annually[iv]

    G. This nation is a superpower and has world dominance and importance. It has also spread its corruption to the world - Revelation 18:3

                 (1) Americas media industry produces 623.1 billion dollars across the world annually, which is more than 3 times as much as second place (Japan with 203 billion).[v]

                (2) America leads the world in the production of pornography[vi]

                (3) There is no data that shows which country fiscally produces all types of alcohol combined. In the production of beer alone, America comes in second in beer production. [vii]

    H. The merchants of the world were made rich by trading with this nation. This nation consumes a huge amount of goods – Revelation 18:3,11-13

                 -Americas imports annually are the largest in the world with a total of 1.935 Trillion, China comes in second with 1.3 Trillion.[viii]

    I. The nation is proud and arrogant. Considers itself to be the most powerful nation on earth. Nigh invincible. – Revelation 18:7

    -according to Forbes, America is the most prideful country in the world (close second is Venezuela) [ix]

    J. Nation is known for its extravagant lifestyle – Revelation 18:16

    -remember what used to be said of America when people were coming? “streets that are paved with gold”

    K. Other nations are fiscally controlled by her (Rev. 18:9)

                -United States has been the worlds major reserve currency since 1965.[x]

    L. Nation is a costal Nation – Rev. 18:7

    M. Nation has a defense system in the heavens (Jeremiah 51:53)

                (1) America’s air force is so large that it equals all the rest of the worlds air forces combined[xi]

                 (2) military drones in America total 678 which is more that triple the rest of the world combined.[xii]


    II. Fate of this Nation

    A. Destroyed by a nation from the north that leads a great assembly of nations - Jeremiah 50:3,9,41

    (1.) who is North of America? Canada? If you keep going further north and then around the globe you will reach Russia.

    (2) “Russia is the most powerful country in the world with strong atomic powers. It is most advanced and highly nuclear-equipped country in the world with the highest nuclear stockpile and capability and numerous dangerous multifaceted weapons. Russia has the highest number of warheads, at 8,500 of which 1,800 are strategically operational.”[xiii]

    B.  Rumors will cause people in this nation, shall flee back unto their own land – Jeremiah 50:16

    C. Destroyed by a mighty wind – Jeremiah 51:1

                            (1) nothing will be left – Jeremiah 50:26

                            (2) wind will include a fire (Rev 18:18

                            (3) Will be destroyed in with-in one hour – (Parallel) Revelation 18:10,19; 19:3

    -If Russia were to launch all their nuclear missiles at America it would take 33 minutes to an hour to strike their target with precision. (Jeremiah 50:9 – no “arrows” will be in vain. All will hit with precision.)[xiv]

                            (4) suddenly destroyed – Jeremiah 51:8

                            (5) This destruction will cause this Nation to be uninhabitable (Jeremiah 51:42,43)

                                        - no one will even come near the land

    - “On April 26, 1986, a fire from a test at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl resulted in one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in history.” Scientific estimations state that it will take 20,000 years for Chernobyl to be completely safe again. [xv]

                            (6) Israel will weep because of the destruction of this nation – Jeremiah 50:4

    -America is called Israel’s “ultimate ally” because without America they would be on the worlds target.[xvi]

                            (7) This nations “mother” will ashamed and distraught – Jeremiah 50:12


    III. Why the destruction of this Babylon? – Jeremiah 50:14,24 – Revelation 18:2

                A. Jeremiah 51:7,8 – this nation has fallen into sin. The country that was once God’s Golden cup is now fallen into in sin.

                            Quote: “When I read about the slaughter of over 55,000,000 babies, the carnage of all the innocent people in the wars that are strictly for the greed of a few, the drugs being brought in by our own country by the CIA, the deaths of all the people who have tried to expose this, the drug programs like MK – ULTRA and Project Artichoke, Satanic ritual abuse of children among the elite of the country, the legal protection of sexual perversion, the corruption of morals worldwide through our music and entertainment, and the near total absence of any warning from the pastors in this land, I know  that God will not let this go unpunished.” – Curt Stowell[xvii]


    B. America will reach the point (talked about in Romans 1) that Sodom and Gomorrah hit in Genesis 19.

                            1. Homosexuality – Genesis 19:5

                            2. Pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness and did not strengthen the hand of the poor and needy” Ezekiel 16:49

                            3. In their pride, they did detestable acts before the Lord – Ezekiel 16:50 (“Gay Pride”)

    IV. When will this happen?

    1. If we follow the same example set in Sodom with the story of Lot (Genisis 19), the story of Noah (Genesis 5,6,7), the story of Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 13), etc… we see that it is in the habit of God to pull out his people and keep them safe from His divine punishment.

          2. With that in mind, I believe this destruction will happen after the rapture of the church.

    -Statistics show that 70% of Americans state that are Christian. Of those, 47% are “Bible believing” in reference to salvation.[xviii]

    -Statistics show that Russia has 75% orthodox Christians, 5% Islam and less than 1% “Protestant” Christian denominations.[xix]

           3. The rapture of the church can not happen until the falling away, or the great apostacy (2 Thess 2:3).

           4. Theory: With the American Population, Military, and Presidential line of succession left in complete disarray due to a fairly large number of the population being raptured, Russia will make their strike against a nation that is practically defenseless.


    V. What can we do?

                Obviously, and sad to say, we can not stop this from happening. It is a prophecy clearly laid out in Scripture. The only thing we can do is continue to do our jobs as believers. By doing our part, we may be able to prolong this fate against our nation. What is our job.

    A. We must pray! 2 Chronicles 7:14

    -Nation-wide Revival doesn’t start in the courthouse, school house, or Congress. Nation-wide revival starts in the church. More specifically, nation-wide revival starts in the lives of each believer.

    B. We must work toward the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20).

    C. We must watch for His Coming (Matthew 24:42-44)

    -when we are genially watching for Christs coming, knowing that he could come back at any moment, our lives will model it. We will live as we ought to, pray as we ought to, and evangelize as we ought to.

    D. By us being used of God to preach His Gospel to the entire world, we may hold of the great apostacy that will predate the rapture of the church.



                While there may be nothing that we can do to prevent this prophecy against our country, we can prolong it! We must do what we can to witness to as many people as we possibly can. We must pray as much as we can. We must live like we ought to.